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SharePoint 2010 Javascript Registration Panel (JCP) - help

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Installation instructions

The solution is a sandboxed solution that follows the typicall sandboxed solution installation rules. Therefore, it can be used for on-premise and Office 365 in the same way.



What is the aim of this project?
The SharePoint 2010 Javascript Registration Panel allows you to add javascript files to a site collection without SharePoint 2010 Designer intervention. This is helpful in scenarios where SharePoint Designer 2010 is disabled globally, but you have to add some JavaScript files (e.g. jQuery) to your site collection on every page load.

The aim of this project is to provide following features:
- load Javascript files on every page load of your site collection
- define the sequence for loading your Javascript files on the fly
- sandboxed solution
- Office 365 compatibility
- centralized configuration
- no need for customizing SharePoint pages or Page Layouts in many scenarios

What file types are currently supported?
With the current version of JCP you are able to register Javascript files on your SharePoint 2010 pages.

What is the scope of a registered Javascript file?
The scope of the registered Javascript file is the site collection. Hence, the file is loaded on every page and sub site of your site collection.

How do I influence the sequence of my Javascript files?
The sequence of Javascript files can simply be manipulated by changing the property "Sequence" of the single entry.

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